Game-book for children ”Find the Agartha land”



       This game-book is created for 7-12 year old children, who are fascinated by puzzles, games and curious adventures. It's not intended to teach. It's main goal is to develop curiosity and interest. Although this story makes kids discover the mysteries of The Antique Agartha city.

       This book is about a young man who went to explore Orheiul Vechi, a mysterious place in Moldova where people can find amazing stones. Unfortunately, he lost his way in the labirynth underground during his adventure. Trying to find his way out made him discover the old city of Agartha.

       Children have to solve puzzles, riddles and to make decisions to get to the end of this story.

  • It is a 76 pages book. 
  • More than 5 puzzles for children.
  • Different story ending depending on the decisions children make.
  • Different educational games and an application of wood with 4 puzzles (IQtest included).



This book is a dedication to my professor on graphic design - Mr Nița Ion.  ”A good teacher - teaches, a big teacher - inspires.





by Cristiana Grati 




The book represent my Diploma of graduate the UTM university of Moldova. 



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