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"She is ambitious, sweet and gentle creature woven from a dream"  

description of me from a good friend  :)


        My name is Cristiana, but friends call me Cristi. I am an illustrator, character & concept artist from Moldova. I am working in game industry as 2D artist from 2012. I've studied drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design and photography. Love to draw my mini comics (adore Marvel) and to arrange exhibitions of my works. I know and use many different drawing techniques. Some of my hobbies are roller skating, animation and a lot of different things.

       I have strong abilities in illustration, polygraphic design, matte painting and concepting but at the same time I understand that constant improving of my skills is the key to stay on the top of the industry, that's why I work hard. At the moment I am developing my own training course in illustration.

       Friends say that I have sense of humor and, in general, I am a very positive person.

       I am a mother and a beloved wife.


Software skills: 

  • Adobe Photoshop,  Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere
  • Unity
  • ToonBoom 
  • Spine


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Cristiana Grati

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  • Personal painting exhibition. Jumbo Hall, 4th floor. Moldova, Chisinau, June 1 - September 30, 2018.


  • Personal painting exhibition. Technical University of Moldova, Department of Design and Polygraphic Technologies, February 18-25, 2015


  • Personal exhibition "Avânt". ARTIUM exhibition center, Chisinau, 11 - 27 August 2014.



  • Painting exhibition "Dream paintings, Origins", Constantiv Brâncuși hall, Parliament Palace ui, Bucharest, Romania. August 1-31, 2018


  • Exhibition contest "Photographic Creation", degree of degree II for the originality and aesthetic presentation of the exhibited works. Technical University of Moldova, Department of Design and Polygraphic Technologies, May 21


  • Exhibition competition "Spring Salon". The C. Brâncuși exhibition center, Chisinau, April 6-24, 2014


  • Exhibition contest "Editorial processes", second degree diploma for the originality and aesthetic presentation of the exhibited works. Technical University of Moldova, Department of Design and Polygraphic Technologies, May 25


  • Poster competition exhibition "Moldova gives refugees protection", dedicated to World Refugee Day. Organized by the Representation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the Republic of Moldova
  • Exhibition contest "Young creator", field "Artistic creativity", diploma of the second degree. Technical University of Moldova (May 25 - June 30)
  • Exhibition contest "Spring Salon", 1st prize of the College of Fine Arts "Al. Lung ”(April 5 - May 11)
  • Exhibition contest "We - Young creators". C. Brâncuși exhibition center, Chisinau, (23 February - 12 March)
  • The International Contest of arts Creation "Eminesciana", 2nd edition. The "Color" award of excellence. ApArte Gallery - “George Enescu” University of Arts, Iași, (February 23 - March 4)

Awards & Publications



  • Diploma for the contribution made as Web Designer to the development of the first generation of digital textbooks in Romanian Language and Literature. Directorate of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport of the Chisinau Municipal Council, Moldova Theater Center.



  • The contest "The best innovative idea", Prize II. Academy of Sciences of Moldova, AGEPI, Odimm, AITT, etc. June 16, 2017.


  • Street-art competition with the theme of "Europe Day". Prize I. The Republican Stadium on Bucharest street. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Embassy of the Italian Republic, Embassy of the French Republic, EU Delegation, Art Gallery, Chisinau, May 14, 2016.



    The contest for creating the logo for "Observatory of the observance of intellectual property rights", organized by the company AGEPI. Chisinau, 03 november 2015 year.



  • CAZAC, V.; GRATI, C. Analysis of interactive elements that contribute to the development of children's abilities. Technical-Scientific Conference of Collaborators, PhD Students and Students, 2015.



  • VLAS, I.; GRATI, C. Analysis of the modalities of stylization of vector images. Technical-Scientific Conference of Collaborators, PhD Students and Students, 2014, vol. III


  • GRATI, C. Inside Saga Tenebrae: Character Development. Articol, Compania MagicIndie SRL, resurse disponibile online [www.magicindie.com/magicblog/2013/12/18/inside-saga-tenebrae-character-development/], 2013

Selected Clients

  • Avantaj Prim SRL (games)
  • INPRINT SRL (illustrations for child book & puzzles)
  • Magicindie SRL (casual game & free-to-play)
  • Creative Mobile (character concepts)
  • KEFIR (Last day on earth game)
  • Wopidom EURL, France (casual game projects)
  • Win Systems SRL (character design concepts)
  • Leonid Peancovschi (project Archer's revenge)
  • EPIDEMIA music band (album cover)
  • Kamushan Illusha (PIK - album cover)
  •  Alina Țurcanu (Web design at the Antology digital book www.literaturaromana.md)