Holiday in Orheiul Vechi

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Jul 14. 2020


That moment when you take a ton of pictures and you love all of them :)
A good picture is always a reminder that brings you back to the sweetest and the most beautiful moments of your life!


That was my usual morning "alarm" sounding like: "Mom,  wake up!" Look, it's already daylight! ... mom, mom .. wake up .. please wake up ...

        My son was pulling my duvet until it fell down on a floor, and than he started climbing over me... 
- Okay, okay ... I am waking up! See..

That was the moment when all the area immediately filled up with my little boy's joy.

        So, I started my morning routine - warming up some milk to make cocoa drink and cooking breakfast. My husband was helping me with all that stuff. It all looked like usual weekend morning until my husband suddenly said:
- Honey, maybe we should go to Orheiul Vechi after we have breakfast? What do you think about that?

       I love spontaneous adventures! We all were ready to roll in few minutes. Our journey has started! Right after we left our house I found out that we were driving near by the rye field. Guys, remember one thing - you just simply can't lose the moment to take some pictures in a rye field! Said and done! Check out that one picture below... one of a tons we made... And guys, remember one more thing - you gonna scratch your legs all day long after you walk along any rye field on planet Earth :)

We arrived in the Orheiul Vechi museum complex, located in the Răut Valley, right tributary of the Dniester river, on the territory of the Trebujeni commune (Orhei district,  Republic of Moldova).  I must say that was a breathtaking view. The best ever. Even the atmosphere and the air around was kinda different, pleasant.

By the way, see that picture below? Do you remember that scene from the most romantic movie "P.S. I love you"? Looks similar to me :) Highly recommend that movie for all the lovers of drama, true romantic relationships and eternal love. This is one of my favorite movies!


And if I draw a parallel with reality, I met my love just like the characters of that movie. That was a "Destiny" - only the decorations were different :)



My husband, my son and I went to the cave monastery on top of the rocky waves, where we discovered a divine atmosphere. The coolness of the cave created goosebumps on our skin, made us shiver ... that silence we faced had left us face to face with our thoughts... quite a meditative moment that was. Our little boy also appreciated the archaic natural landscape and the places of worship.

We continued our adventure through the village of Butuceni. In short, "we where following our feet... no exact place to finish our journey.. just a direction". Here I witnessed the traditional peasant household, with wooden gates and fountains where you can quench your thirst at any time.


We also managed to take a break on the porch of a peasant house. To his great astonishment, the boy did not complain at all, but on the contrary was curious to move on to new places.




Picnic in Trebujeni

And here I took the most beautiful photos!

You know that feeling when you take a lot of pictures on purpose because you wanna choose the best to post.. and when you get home you can't decide which one to choose, because you like em all))) Oh..., I need a bigger hard drive or someone to help me to choose the best picture :)

I am proud of my husband for his talent and that aesthetic feeling he has. Look at those great pictures he took! I love him even more for that :)




According to tradition, a photo for chronology!


⭐Oh, look - you followed our journey-post till the end! Thank you :)) Have a nice day!