A book for children about 2 little girls

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Mar 10. 2020

Each time you start working on a series of illustrations, in this case it's a 12-page brochure for 5 - 6 years old kids, it is important to understand how much time you have for working on the illustrations.
I had only 2 weeks to draw 8 illustrations and text backgrounds (to preserve the style of the entire publication).


Stage 1: Choosing a style for illustrations

Due to the limited time, three light and expressive styles were proposed. In collaboration with the company IMPRINT SRL and the client (girls' grandparents), we decided to choose style No.3.

Stage 2: Creating a layout

At this stage, the design of the publication, the layout of the text and illustrations on the pages of the brochure in A5 format (horizontally) were developed and adopted.


Stage 3: Creating illustrations

The first page is a parting word. The client suggested inserting text into a portrait frame decorated with children's ornaments.

On the following pages are presented funny expressions and funny words from the first vocabulary of girls (0 - 2 years). At the client’s suggestion, the page was dominated by red, orange, yellow and gold colors, to match the hair color of the girls. A 9-12 months child with short hair, decorated with a ribbon who was playing with toys was placed in the lower corner of the page. Words were randomly scattered on the page and styled as colored dialog boxes (for example, how artists display dialogs or something else).

The girls are facing each other.

Illustration: a red fox with the face of a little girl, a bow on her head, in a white dress, like a ballerina, butterflies, flowers, children's jewelry.
Illustration: a dandelion with several yellow flowers, one of which is the face of a Rebe girl, petals representing blond hair, and a dress with green leaves, butterflies, baby ornaments.

P.S. Each phrase is located on a different background - pink, purple, yellow, green.

Illustration - Two little fashionable girls holding hands. The red-haired one, who is a little shorter, holds a fluffy white dog in her hand. A blonde is a few inches taller holds a white unicorn with wings and a purple mane.
Girls' hair is slightly wavy, to the shoulders. They are wearing dresses and accessories - bags, jewelry. Unique color scheme saved.
Innocent and funny phrases from the last 5 years were posted on the mirror page.

Stage 4: Cover art

Any cover is a very important element of every publication, therefore it is better to draw it at the end or when the general image of the publication is clear and the style does not require any corrections.

At the client’s suggestion, on the cover were two little girls (red and blonde - hair below the shoulders, 3-4 years old) holding a jug together,
from which pearls are splitting out. The size of those becomes bigger and bigger towards foreground. The colors are mainly pink, purple, yellow.

Stage 5: Printing

After all the illustrations were ready, the publisher placed the text on the pages, checked the spelling and prepared the file for printing. The publication was done and immediately presented to little girls right from the printing house.


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