How to draw a friend - simple and fast?! Click here and take a look!

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Jun 18. 2020


LOOK at this portrait !! This is Kiril Plămădeală :)


The process of creating the portrait

It is very important to capture the character and distinctive elements of a face when you're drawing a portrait of a real man. But before you start working on the portrait, I recommend you to make a poster with several portraits of a person for the reference - to guide you while drawing.

Let's see the steps to follow:

1. Find the composition in the sheet. Mark the light shapes of the figure with light lines. For example, the position of the head in the sheet (oval) and the position of the torso, hands, neck (rectangle). Make sure that all these elements fit into the sheet harmoniously.

2. Now we can move on to arranging the elements like eyes, nose, mouth, hair with a very light lines (almost transparent) to understand where all that should be.

3. Be careful to catch the similarities with the person you are drawing. Pay attention to the shapes, the curves that characterize the person.

4. When the similarities are visible and there is no need to make any more changes - switch to details! Take a 2B+ pencil, make it sharp and go on!


5. Add compositional elements on the background (lines, spots, etc.) as finishing touches. I used markers to add some color.


Check out the speedpaint :)

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