HOW did you spend the Quarantine??! Was it so productive as mine...

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Jun 18. 2020

It all started for me with the closure of kindergartens, the establishment of a state of emergency and quarantine throughout Moldova. 

Honestly, it took me two weeks before I was able to organize and get used to these circumstances. Sometimes I was so exausted so I was almost crying. I was not able to spend enough time with my baby-boy, and that made very sad. Somethimes I was dreaming about a nanny or a brother for my child,  he could spend time with.

The last drop was when he told me:

- Mom, let's go play!

- I can't play with you right now because I'm at work.

- Nooo, you're home! Come on, let's go momy...

Oh ... well, that was something I couldn't argue with :)
It was necessary to come up with something.

The solution to the problem was born in my head pretty quickly!



My husband's talent and my desire to make my dream come true, allowed us to create the most wonderful playground for our son. It has everything our boy likes - a small house, a slide, various sports equipment and developing corners.

P.S. The most important thing - everything is HANDMADE!


Our little Tyoma had everything he needed right after he was born. All kind of clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Huge thanks to our relatives who also have children and were kind enough to share all that stuff.

I believe that there is no need to buy brand new and fashionable clothes if we have enough second-hand clothes that are in a very good condition. I tried to reflect this idea on a painting below. So many good things are thrown away every day just because they are simply no longer fashionable ... Many of these things are well preserved, some might require little repair, nevertheless they are all suitable for reuse. Reusing of such things will greatly reduce the demand for new things, and this in turn will reduce the level of pollution (cluttering) of the surrounding world. What's your opinion on that?



So, as I said before our son had almost everything that needed. For two years each time someone asked us about any gifts to our son, my husband and I replied that we were saving up money for materials for building a playground. Well, some time later we had the money and the materials. And we had plenty of time for the construction work - thanks to qarantine. By the way, we will add some cool features like alphabet, writing board and many other things that come to mind to this playground. Oh, I wish to hide in this little house with my tablet and draw in a calm atmosphere :)


That picture below fully reflects the mood in our family during the construction work :)

We work as a team - we develop and complement each other, learn and teach. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we find the courage to admit that. Oh and we still do not forget about good manners: thank you, please forgive me))



There were many interesting and pleasant moments during quarantine.

For example, I had to spend a lot of time at the computer (I work as a digital artist in the gaming industry), because of which daylight could only be seen through the window. My husband came up with a very pleasant and romantic solution. He developed a wonderful habit for us - to watch the sunset every evening with the whole family (picture below).



Or here's another funny case:

One day my little son wanted to run around the house naked. Well that's a great idea when you're a kid. However, I had to dress him because of the online planning with my collegues, that was about to start. Less than ten minutes after the meeting started, my child decided to surprise everyone.

Can you guess what happened?


My little prankster was jumping and joyfully laughing on the bed behind me! Naked! I saw that on my monitor. I was so confused and embarrassed so I could hardly find out how can I turn my camera off!!


In short, every day was charming in its own way. There are more funny stories I wanna tell you. But let's save them for the next time :))



I wish you all the best! Take care!

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