Wacom #STICKtoCREATIVITY contest

Posted by : Grati Cristiana
Feb 27. 2020

Some time ago I participated in Wacom #STICKtoCREATIVITY contest.

Due to technical reasons the illustration did not go to the final stage, and yet ... participation matters!
The subject of the contest was the creation of a sticker design that would contain the Wacom tablet as main element.

♬ Inspiration for illustration came to me and to Pavel Olari, the artist of the #Cosmosinbuzunar music band.
✨✨ So, I started working in the artistic atmosphere full of many beautifil and interesting memories about our adolescence. I looked again at the artist's gallery and I discovered some details and secrets hidden behind each painting and that made me like all of them more than ever.



My illustration, painted on a wave of fantastic realism, represents the ambition of a girl to know the light.
As soon as the goal becames clear, she becames self-confident and takes a step forward - towards the dream, toward the knowledge she is looking for. From that moment, her universe becomes colored...




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P.S. The contest was organised by - Wacom for Creatives Romania